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Meet Alex Shirah
Alexander Shirah is a 3rd Infantry Division, Army Veteran. Having served in the army for eight years on Active Duty, Army Reserve and as part of the Georgia National Guard, Alex knows what it means to be a soldier and the housing challenges the soldiers face as they PCS from one duty station to another. Alex is an expert in VA loan and have earned the Military Relocation Designation that certifies him as an expert in helping soldiers and their family coming into the area or leaving the area ;as well as, helping soldiers strategize for their retirement by building a strong Real Estate portfolio. Alex also offers Lower listing rates than any brokerage in the area because he know that your property is more than just a home it is an investment. Alex has also Served the area as a Police Officer and as a Juvenile Probation officer. It is because of his community service that Alex truly understands what it is to serve both the community on a City, County, State and National Level that he offers a Public Service Rebate to all Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers, and Medical Personnel to help when it comes to purchasing their first home.
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